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Happy Birthday Nicol!

The idea of sending a birthday gift from the fans at NicolDavidOnline.com to Nicol David has been around for quite some time. 10 years ago, myself and a few fans made arrangements with Hitz.fm (at that time Hitz FM) Morning Crew (at that time lil kev and fly guy if I’m not wrong) to wish Happy Birthday to Nicol on-air.

And now 10 years later, the distance factor between Malaysia and Netherlands has limit us to only a few options as far as sending a gift for her birthday. We thank all the fans for many great suggestions and ideas that we received and finally we decided to keep it simple and order flowers online. You can’t go wrong with flowers, can you?

A day before her birthday, WMsiew and myself went online to scout for “Orange-looking Tulips” to reflect the colour of our ‘Home’ (NicolDavidOnline.com). We ended up getting these flowers:


The order form:


We have requested the florist to take photos of the flowers with our message on the card but unfortunately after ordering, the florist went into silent. Few emails went unanswered and that explains why I got worried and feared that the flowers will never arrive.

The good news came in this morning when Nicol herself, went to our Fan Forum and left a message that is very identical to our wishes on the flowers’ card. “From Azuan, Wei Mei and ffans at NicolDavidOnline.com”. We have verified that the below “Nicol” is really Nicol David :) Ladies and Gentleman, congratulations for all your hard work and loyalty to NicolDavidOnline.com, Nicol appreciates it!


Let us all continue to be active and plan for more future activities! Cheers all