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Jericho Squash Commandments ... Thou Shalt Not

From Jericho Tennis Club
With thanks to Shauna Flath


1. Arrive late to your match, leave the court without thanking your opponent & shaking han

ds, or fail to buy beer(s) when in a losing position.

2. Challenge your opponents’ retrievals or “gets” or neglect to call your own double bounces, out of court shots, and carries.

3. Wear street shoes on a squash court or wear squash shoes outside.

4. Shout or curse on court or in ear shot of your opponent &/or hit your racquet on the wall or floor.

5. Expect a let/stroke without requesting a let, hit a bad shot & ask for a let, or repeatedly fail to clear.

6. Stall excessively between points & between games.

7. Hit more than 50% of the warm up shots to your side of the court (max 2 shots and hit to opponent).

8. Employ an excessive swing, and neglect to attempt to reduce it.

9. Leave towels, old grips, food wrappers or other refuse outside the court.

10. Wear perfume, cologne or unwashed smelly clothes on court.

11. Both players must be present to access the court when the court is occupied.

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