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Squash has every reason to be part of the Olympic Games, Nicol David says, and the world number one plans to muster all her influence to ensure that outcome.

The International Olympic Committee will decide next October whether up to two new sports will be included in the 2016 Games and squash along with golf, rugby, karate, baseball, softball and rollersports are in full election mode.

Malaysian Nicol lobbied hard but unsuccessfully in 2005 for the sport's inclusion at London 2012 and is determined to see squash admitted next time round.

"It's very disappointing not having squash in the Olympics because it's the pinnacle for any athlete in every sport to be associated with the Olympic Games," the 25-year-old told Reuters.

"I say squash has every reason to be amongst the other racket sports in the Olympic Games and I'm sure in the future hopefully squash will get that opportunity."

Tennis, badminton and table tennis all feature in the modern Olympics.

Olympic inclusion would help squash gain the funding it needs to progress, Nicol said.
"Hopefully, if squash gets into the Olympics, more countries will have the proper backing from their sports councils to get funding for the sport itself in their country," she said in an email interview.

"We also need a lot more media attention and to make it (more) visual on TV for people to follow the sport."

Nicol on Sunday won her seventh consecutive Women's International Squash Players Association (Wispa) title with victory in the Dutch Open final in Amsterdam.

She said it was possible to make a living from the sport.

"It's reasonably fine for the top 20 players to work with the prize money from tournaments but funding from the government and sponsors are essential to keep maintaining their position in the rankings for the rest of the other players outside the top 20.

"At the moment every squash player is doing their part in trying to promote the sport and to gain recognition in the world."

Playing in the Olympics would cap a remarkable career.

"That would be truly the highlight of my career ... representing Malaysia in the Olympics and being among the best athletes in the world in their respective sports," Nicol said.