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SRAM's 2010 'powerhouse' vision

By Devinder Singh
From The New Straits Times

AFTER countless queries on who will succeed Nicol David on the world stage, Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia (SRAM) president Datuk A. Sani Karim is confident the answer will emerge within two years.

While there may never be another player quite like Nicol, Sani believes having three men and three women players from Malaysia ranked among the world's top 20 by the end of 2010 is within reach.

That is in line with SRAM's vision of becoming a powerhouse in world squash by 2010 alongside the established powers of England, Australia, France and Egypt.

"I have often been asked and everyone in the country is wondering who will replace Nicol. We have a vision to become a powerhouse by 2010 which many have told me is extremely ambitious," said Sani after being returned unopposed as SRAM president at the association's annual general meeting (AGM) and elections in Bukit Jalil yesterday.

"But by the end of 2010, I am confident we can have three men and women players in the top 20. The challenge is to convince everyone that this is achievable. We can do it, we must do it."

While acknowledging time is a constraint, Sani said: "We hope by 2010 we can have a big enough pool of players to begin to challenge the established powers. If we had not imposed a time frame, everyone would take his or her own time (in progressing)."

SRAM plans to send more players for overseas attachment with Nafiizwan Adnan, Asyraf Azan, Delia Arnold and Low Wee Wern -- four players are being looked upon by SRAM to fulfil their vision statement -- set for longer stints in London and Amsterdam next year.

To help them progress, SRAM is considering an alternative destination for attachment with Egypt mentioned as a possibility.

"Their's is a model we would like to look at and where we could send our players for attachment as London and Amsterdam is becoming saturated. Egypt is a possibility but plans are not firm yet," said Sani, who added that a proposal was submitted to the National Sports Council last month.


Ting Mao Heng said...

I like the statement : We can do it. We must do it! As a Malaysian, being a fan of badminton for more than 20 years,however after up and down results from the badminton court. My eye, ear, whole body and my unique sour totally ship to squash. A sport that i started to know in 1998 when Ong Beng Hee won the Junior title. A year later, more good news from the squash racket as Nicol David won the junior title as well. Since then, try to meet some squash player for some fun game, try to understand it, more importantly try to keep my interest in here. I do...and will keep going when Nicol David Won the World Open in Hong Kong, when Nicol David become the only Asian women rank world Number 1, when Malaysia swap all 2 Gold in Asian Game, when Low Wee Wern won the British Junior Open....and we believe still a lot 'when' to stay my interest here forever. Thank You SRAM, you make me think as a Malaysia 'We really can do it'. 'Malaysia really can do it'. Yes....im pround to said 'Malaysia Boleh but only in squash by far.