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Vote for Nicol NOW!!!

The ESPNStar Champion of Champions 2008
Match 6: Nicol David vs Usain Bolt is now open for voting

VOTE HERE: http://www.espnstar.com/games/champions-2008/game/

Nicol is the only Malaysian, squash player and female athlete to be nominated.

So everyone, please help spread the word about this. Blog about it, post in forums, tell your friends, forward emails, import Notes and Links to your Facebook profile, talk about this in your Facebook Status Update, and please bookmark the link given above.

Lets spread the word.

A Summary of Nicol's Achievements in 2008:
-completed her 2nd full calendar year(24 months) as WORLD NUMBER ONE
-Won 10 WISPA titles
-Extended her unbeaten Tour record to 53 matches
-Won the WISPA Player of the Year Award
-Won the Outstanding Young Malaysian Award
-Honoured with the Order of Merit AND the title 'Datuk'
-Carried the Olympic torch relay ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Nicol worked hard all year round, so its time we did something for her.

Let us treat this as an early Christmas present for our dear Datuk Nicol!

Update: Nicol is through to the next round against Cristiano Ronaldo. Updates when Match 11 opens.


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