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Welcome 2009!

Here is a lil something we would like to share for the new year.

Who are you? Lessons From A Minitature Railroad

By Shawn Patton
Originally Published June 2008

Who Are You?

Are you an active member?
The kind that would be missed
Or are just content
With your name upon the list?

Do you attend club functions
And mingle with the crowd?
Or would you rather stay at home
And complain both long and loud?

Do you give a little time
And help to make things click?
Or leave the work to the few
And whine about the clique?

There is quite a lot of work
Which means success if done
And it can be accomplished
With the help of everyone

So think it over member …
Are you right or wrong?
Are you an active member,
or do you just belong?

Thank you for all of your support throughout 2008. We had a phenomenal year of success. We accomplished many important goals, worked with many incredible people, and set the stage for our biggest expansion ever.

May this new year bring you all the enthusiasm and will power you need, to lead you to a path of great achievements, happiness and contentment.

We wish you a GREAT year ahead!

-Azuan, Lorraine and the entire NDOnline team.