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It’s time for KL Open Squash Championship once again, an international tournament with players coming from all corners of the world. Many are aware of my ‘link’ with squash. Although I have never played the game nor a big fan of the game, I’ve had the ‘squash connection’ through my very first web project back in 1998 known as the “Nicol David Online” which is still around for 11-consecutive years.

Throughout my stint as a webmaster of NicolDavidOnline.com, I’ve managed to watch a few Nicol David games whenever there are tournaments in Malaysia. My previous Malaysia Open report/photos can be read here.

A few hours ago, I had the chance once again to attend a Nicol David game at 2009 CIMB KL Open Championship. Here are some photos. My apology for the quality of the photos as it was very dark at the spectators stand and my camera is far from being ‘professional equipment. Nevertheless, enjoy!

The Tournament banner/bunting, good souvenir, no? hehe

When I arrived, the arena was filled up to about 60%. They were either players, coaches, family members, media or cleaners. I felt a bit out-of-place as I don’t belong in any of these categories of people. It’s normal as seldom there are outsiders on the 1st round held on a working day.

My timing was right. Nicol is warming up when I arrived.

I wonder what music she listens to….

Looking good….

Madeline Perry of Ireland, the opponent for today

I was sandwiched in between reporters and their crew (video, photographers)

ESPN was there as well

I accidentally bumped into the reporter….felt bad for her, got too excited trying to take Nicol’s photos.

Let the game begins…


“head or tail”?

It was a short 26-minutes straight set game. A good start for Nicol.

Well done..

A kiss from her Dad.

The After-Game Interview

Before I left, managed to snap a few photos of Sharon Wee playing against Jenny Duncalf. Too bad she lost, otherwise would be great to see her in the quarters.

Anyone up to cover the remaining games till this weekend at Berjaya Times Square? I’ll be away for the rest of the week.


::sklc:: said...

thanks for posting these pictures... you took very good pics!

Anonymous said...

nicol kalah...sedeynya..huhuhu..
xpe...great job!!!well done!!! next game mesti power punya :)

Squash_MMU said...

I had an amazing experience up at Berjaya Times Square. Too bad Nicol lost her final match. It was a tough match with Grainger taking risky shots that eventually worked out. Kudos to Nicol for not giving up until the last ball. The only flaw I had in this experience is when the tin kept on falling down, it was a bad impression towards Malaysia since it's shown in Astro SuperSport. Other than that, awesome!

zazmiz said...

nicol! never give up!! good luck for next tournament.

Ting Mao Heng said...

Nicol still the best. You still world number 1 now until June for sure. Hope you learn something with Natalie Graiger game. We believe time will tell how you overcome her again. Maybe the Malaysian open July again in Berjaya Time Squace.

nurulshima said...

nicol looks pretty in Pink :) anyways, we love nicol david!

Anonymous said...

Nicol, Gambateh......

Pelapis-future champions said...

Good picture. at least we can see nicol in action even no tv coverage

Mr. MiKE said...

congrats to datuk nicol ann david for winning CIMB KL OPEN SQUAH CHAMPIONSHIPS 2009