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Nicol recognized in Mexico by the Cedaj

Exclusive from NicolDavidOnline.com
Translation by Nicol David Online

In appreciation of the visitation by the highest representative in squash to the capital city of Mexico- Guanajuato, Nicol David received a recognition by the State Commission of Sports and Youth Care from Dr. Francisco Jose Diaz Cisneros.

There sure was a strong interest of squash in Mexico with the presence of the 24-year old top squash player- Nicol David, from Malaysia.

Nicol, who started playing squash competitively at the age of 8, said she was very proud to come to Mexico, especially Guanajuato after being invited by the Latin American champion Samantha Teran.

The president and vice president of the Mexican Squash Federation- Federico Serna Altamirano and Miguel Perez Velazquez, together with Ricardo Guzman, head of the Guanajuato State Squash Association, also gave awards to other outstanding squash athletes in the XXII Panamerican Games 2008.

With the help of a translator Nicol David thanked the state government of Guanajuato, and also highlighted the support given in the momentum of Squash in Guanajuato and Mexico.

The president of the Mexican Federation of Squash, Federico Serna Altamirano also acknowledged the owner of the Cedaj, Francisco Jose Diaz Cisneros, stressed the importance of Guanajuato hosting the Olympiad National Elite Squash and the presence of Nicol David, the best player in the world.

Other than ranking first in international squash, Nicol is also UN Ambassador for Malaysia.
Nicol David also was named Player of the Year in 2005 and 2006 by the Women's International Squash Player's Association and has won numerous titles, including the World title and the World Games.

David has been receiving increasing recognition following her near total domination of the game in recent years.