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Exclusive from NicolDavidOnline.com
The Secretary of Public Education, Josefina Vazquez Mota, received on Monday in their offices Mexican squash player Samantha Teran and Nicol David, the world number squash player, who last week held a series of exhibition matches and clinics in Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato, Queretaro and Mexico City, at the premises of the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport.

The meeting was attended by the Director General of CONAD, Carlos Hermosillo Goytortúa; Assistant Director General of Quality for Sport, Jorge Camacho Peñaloza; president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, Felipe Munoz Kapamas, as well as the head of mission of the Olympic delegation, Carlos Padilla Becerra.

During the meeting, Secretary Vazquez Mota asked David about her stay in Mexico, while highlighting the work of both players to promote the sport among children and youth of the country.

"Squash is a major sport in Mexico and there are times that I fail to see its magnitude, and we need events like these to realize," said Teran Quintanilla after the talk in the SEP.

The visit marked the end of the activities that both players held in the country prior to the departure of David, scheduled for this Tuesday.

"I want to thank Samantha for giving me the opportunity to visit Mexico and indeed much enjoyed every moment of my stay," confessed the player from Malaysia.

"It has proved an experience for me. The talk with the secretary of education and visiting this wonderful building, has been very satisfactory, "added the 24 year-old.

Also, the Malaysian stressed the growth of squash has experienced in recent years and has not ruled out the possibility that it will soon be seen as an Olympic sport.

"Being in the Olympic Games, I think it is the dream of every athlete and to be able to participate and win a medal would, I think, be an achievement which is even higher than the world championship," she confessed.

-Report by the Mexican Commission for Physical Culture and Sport
-Translated by Nicol David Online